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BITS Extends Educational Opportunities Yet Again

During the last 6 months the BITS organization trained over 130 blind and visually impaired individuals in the Python programming language. Many of them
are doing great work and excelling due to the tremendous efforts of our educational team. We produced countless hours of content, wrote lots of documentation
and held months of classes and office hour support for students. We learned a lot about our efforts, and we are eager to start a new journey of learning
for BITS students. We are offering two classes starting in September. Keep reading for additional information.

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HTML Basics with BITS

Many affiliates, individuals and others have wanted to figure out how to do the following types of things to be more efficient in their daily lives:

  • Learn the use of modern text editors, such as Visual Studio Code.
  • Learn how to use autosuggestions, auto-completion, and other productivity features of tools to assist you in your learning journey.
  • Manage your affiliate web sites.

Learn the basics of HTML, web forms, the fundamentals of web accessibility and how to get published on the internet.

  • Learn the basics of the markdown markup language for notetaking. This is a skill that can be utilized across platforms to generate highly accessible
    and enriching content.
  • Learn more about the command line, checking in code into modern and robust source code repositories, developing Github Pages to get yourself published
    for free on the internet, learn the fundamentals of the Windows Terminal and gain skills that will give you the basics to launch into a new era of recognition
    for you and your affiliate.
  • Prepare yourself for the next step of learning other languages and technical infrastructure in the Spring with BITS.

So, if you have wanted to get yourself published, if you have wanted to learn more about maintaining your web sites for your personal or affiliate sites
then come take the class that we will be offering.

We will not be teaching WordPress in this class but the fundamentals we will teach will give you the knowledge to apply these skills on your Content Management
System (CMS) platform of choice.

We expect users to be able to use their screen readers efficiently and productively. We will not be covering basic screen reading techniques or concepts
in this course, with the exception of covering some concepts that may apply to the tools we are teaching, such as Visual Studio Code, the command line,
or some advanced skills using accessibility extensions that will also be covered.

If you are eager to learn more then please sign up. You will receive additional information as we get closer to the start of the course.

Putting the BITS and Pieces of Office Together

Are you a communicator in your affiliate? Are you wanting to strengthen your organizational skills? Do you own a copy of Microsoft Office 365? Do you think
you know all of its features? Would you love to get instruction from highly competent individuals who are experts in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook?
Well, come learn from a group of assistive technology experts and instructors as we teach the fundamentals of the use of Microsoft Office 365. Are you
a newsletter editor for your affiliate? Do you maintain affiliate data for your organization? Are you a student or just a person who wants to elevate their
skills in the use of Office? Well, if this is you then please join us for this extensive series of courses across the Office suite.

Additional information about the training and the syllabus will be shared as we get closer to the start of the course later this Summer.

If you are interested, then please do sign up!


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