BITS Committees

budget committee

We are responsible for determining the BITS operating budget
for the following fiscal year. Our members should have
career experience working with budgets or working with chapters or affiliates.


  • Diane Scalzi – Chair
  • Becky Carpenter
  • Renee Celikson

Convention Planning

The BITS Convention Planning Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating events and presentations sponsored by BITS during the virtual and in-person
ACB national conventions, held each year during the summer.


  • Brad Snyder – Chair
  • Jeff Bishop
  • Bel Collins
  • Nicki Keck
  • Rosanna Beaudrie
  • Marty Sobo
  • Mike Hartwig
  • Marci Duty
  • Aaron Espinoza





  • Marie Nelson, Chair
  • Debbie Hazelton
  • Erika Snyder


The BITS Presentations Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating Presentations sponsored by BITS for both BITS members and the ACB Community.
Currently, BITS sponsors 3 recurring presentations each month, including Basics With BITS, held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoons; Mac Bytes held
on the 2nd Tuesday evenings; and Apple Bytes held on the 4th Wednesday evenings of each month.



  • Brad Snyder – Chair
  • Jeff Bishop
  • Herbie Allen
  • David Edick
  • Marci Duty
  • Sree Roy
  • Mike Hartwig
  • Pete Lane


The publications committee overseas the creation, production and dissemination of all  printed and digital materials such as newsletters, reports and brochures and any other publications   . This committee ensures that   the organizations  messaging is consistent, accurate and aligned   with BITS mission and values.  This committee may also have a relationship with printers, designers and other venders involved in the publications process.



  • Rosanna beaudrie, chair
  • Herbie Allen
  • Debrah Armstrong
  • Robin Frost
  • John McCann
  • Penny Moss
  • Maryann Murad